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Rusty Blade

Rusty Blade is a text based game about the final quest of a veteran level cruncher. · By Rising Phoenix Games


Recent updates

Achievement Unlocked - Game Jam Survivor
The #AGBIC game jam is drawing to a close. I had so much fun, learned stuff, and got code down. Jams are all about the people though, and so a special shout ou...
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New features!
What's New? I've updated the look, polished up the text, and added a few new features... The biggest addition is free play mode , which you can unlock if you f...
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Let's try that again...
After an embarrassing false start the game is up, in a handy little zip file. A big "thank you" goes out to the folks who let me know it wasn't working. FYI I...
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Blade Polishing 101 - A Devlog
It's here! "Version 0" is up and fully playable. BUT! We have more content in testing ... watch this space. Coming soon: The early years. The final boss fight...
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