Achievement Unlocked - Game Jam Survivor

The #AGBIC game jam is drawing to a close. 

I had so much fun, learned stuff, and got code down. Jams are all about the people though, and so a special shout out to ...
Daniel Ponce for letting me create a game based on his Rusty Blade Famicom case design.
And to JDam, for sharing his version of Rusty Blade with the world and inspiring me to push harder. You can play his excellent version of Rusty Blade here.

I had loads of positive feedback on the game, which inspired me to cross a few more things off the list...

Coming soon:

  1. The early years. [Implemented]
  2. The final boss fight.
  3. Noses! [Implemented] [Extended]
  4. Screen resizing ... maybe. [Implemented]
  5. Free play mode. [Implemented]
  6. The random room... "Did I come this way before?" [Implemented]
  7. Sprites!
  8. Winnitron compatibility. [Implemented]
  9. More monsters. [Implemented]
  10. Traps. [Scope Creep!]
  11. Potions. [Scope Creep!]

So, what's next?

The Rising Phoenix Games team is hard at work on a "yuri-lite" game for Yuri Game Jam 2017, along with our many tabletop RPG projects scheduled for release later this year. That means Rusty Blade probably won't get any love for a little while, but we will be back. The end of the #AGBIC Game Jam should bring in valuable feedback to help us hone the game, at which point I'll implement the last few items on our TO DO list and post a better version. 

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Sep 27, 2017

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