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Everyone wants a slice of every illicit pie in this city, even when it’s stuffed with rat meat. Goblins prowl the streets, picking pockets and peddling contraband for their secretive bosses. Meanwhile, elves move to corner the opium market, and trolls are breaking kneecaps. Even the coppers are in on the racket. It’s chaos on those streets, just perfect for anyone wanting to, say, make a name for themselves and their gang.

Now go and show them who’s boss. 

Miniatures Agnostic Skirmish Wargame

Use any miniatures you want in this skirmish wargame for 4 miniatures per gang.

Project Status

The game is currently in development as part of the "Make a Wargame" blog series on the Rising Phoenix Games' Blog. You can find the blog series and free, playable demos by checking out the episode guide below:

Episode 1: Concept and Theme
Episode 2: Initiative and Turns
Episode 3: Movement
Episode 4: Combat
Episode 5: Powers and Playtesting
Episode 6: Polishing the Game (coming soon)

Please consider donating a couple of dollars or your playtesting time to help us improve the game.

The most current version of the rules is available here, for free. (Aren't you glad you read till the end!)

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